The Columbia High School Parnassians Society!

The Columbia High School Parnassians Society!

Saturday, MAY 14th,8-11PM at THE woodland!

An amazing night to celebrate PRINCE with New Wave, 80's Hip Hop, Brit Pop and SO. MUCH. DANCING! We raised $4,500 (!!!) for the Drama Club to get to the Fringe Fest in Scotland!

YOU all made this happen, thank you for an incredible night! This event could NOT have been possible without the extreme  generosity of Julie Barber, Alicia Humphries, Sherry Beth Sacks, Danielle Tropea and Georgia.

Studio B, that helped us in ways you can't imagine. 

Of our amazing talented lighting designer Cat Starmer.

Of Janet Bustrin from Columbia High School and every parent who helped us set-up and strike down.

Andrew Fishman from the Maplewood Parks and Rec dept.

Vanessa Pollock and team, who continue to help sponsor our events.